RAS 72
Multi-Role Aircraft


RAS’ experience in maintaining and modifying the ATR family, in combination with German engineering and state-of-the-art mission equipment from leading OEMs, led to the development of a reliable multi-role special mission aircraft. The unique performance and low operating cost of the ATR 72, along with its flexibility and high degree of customization, make the RAS 72 a valuable asset and the perfect platform for many airborne missions.


PW 127 F/M Engine (Max Take-off Power 2,750 SHP


Maximum Cruise Speed 250 KTS 465 km/h
Maximum Operational Altitude 25,000 ft 7,620 m
Maximum Endurance (at 5,000 ft) +9.00 h at 23,000 kg
Take-off Distance (MTOW, SL, AEO, ISA) 3,839 ft 1,170 m
Landing Distance (MLW, SL, ISA) 2,067 ft 630 m

* Mission conditions: ISA conditions, sea level airfield, nill wind


Maximum Take-off Weight 50,706 lb 23,000 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 49,273 lb 22,350 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 46,297 lb 21,000 kg
Maximum Fuel Capacity 11,023 ft 5,000 kg

Sea Eagle


The Sea Eagle is a cost effective multi-role maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) with anti-submarine warfare capabilities and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for superior situational awareness. The Sea Eagle is a variant of the twin-engine turboprop, regional aircraft ATR 72 series.

In the offered configuration, the aircraft is equipped with a long-range multimode radar and EO/IR sensor to deliver aerial, maritime and ground surveillance. Moreover, the aircraft features an acoustic processing system with sonobuoy launchers, a self- protection suite and two weapon hard points, enabling unique maritime and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

The installed mission systems and sensors are managed by the Aerodata AeroMission system. The AeroMission can display feeds from the installed sensors on each control station and has a sensor fusion algorithm, providing the onboard crew with comprehensive situational awareness.

The first of the ATR-72 twin-engine turboprops converted into MPAs was delivered to the Pakistan Navy in the second quarter of 2018, while the second aircraft was delivered in June 2019.


  • Mission management system “AeroMission”
  • AESA 360° multimode radar system
  • Two weapon carriers
  • Sonobuoy launching system
  • Broadband satcom system
  • Tactical data link capabilities
  • Self-protection suite and electronic support
  • Measures systems

“The aircraft has been retrofitted with state-of-the-art weapons and sensors that will substantially enhance our client’s air operations. The RAS Sea Eagle is the first aircraft in its class offering both MPA and ASW capabilities, along with unparalleled performance, superior reliability and low operating cost.”

Nikolaos Mavrikis
Director Special Missions at RAS